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driving 328,700 kilometers

through 73 countries

and 5 continents

in 10 years


All our plans to see Cypress, Siberia, Iceland, Ireland, Canada, USA and Mexico have been laid to rest.

Pieter’s kidneys collapsed around Christmas and he now requires dialysis 3 times per week. I have been busy obtaining permanent residence in Holland and finding an apartment in Den Haag where you are all welcome.

Pieter’s family have been wonderfully supportive through all the trauma. I couldn’t have managed without them.

THANK YOU family.

Final update  13/04/2015

About Us

We are an international couple. Pieter comes from The Hague, Holland. Ann comes from Sydney, Australia. We have been living in the south of Johannesburg, South Africa for almost 40 years. We call ourselves South Africans.

During 2004, nearing the end of our working days, we talked about our desire to see China and our mutual love of travelling. One night in bed, Ann saw on the inside of her eyes the almost unbroken landmass between South Africa and China and realized we could drive to China.

We bought a car, a Land Rover and converted it into a primitive but adequate camper. Within a year we sold our house and took off. We have travelled ever since. Our experiences can be found in this website.

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