Morocco, Fez - in the Souk          Mauritania- Ben Amira, second largest rock in the world          Mauritania- Camel and sand dunes          Mauritania- Challenges of the desert


2011 November / December Morocco
2012 January / February Mauritania
2012 March Morocco
2005 January Richtersveld, SA
2005 February Namibia
2005 March Zambia
2005 March Tanzania
2005 April Rwanda, Uganda
2005 May Kenya
2005 May Ethiopia
2005 June Sudan
2005 July / August Egypt
2005 September Libya, Tunisia
2009 November to 2010 February  South Africa
2011 February to June Interregnum
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                          Camping in Kigali, Rwanda       Muddy roads in Tanzania       Loading the ferry, Wadi Halfa, Sudan       Broken down in Edfu, Egypt  

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